Ever Regretted A Social Media Post?

Are you applying for a new job and realised that old posts and images from 10 years ago could return to haunt you? Now you won’t have to sift through countless posts as a new app has come onto the scene to help.

Clear is an app that connects your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts and analyses all of your previous posts and then flag anything that could potentially be inappropriate. It does this by using sophisticated algorithms and Watson (IBM’s supercomputer). The app identifies the negative posts based on profanity or mention groups of people. Users can then review all of the flagged posts and then decide if they want to delete the offensive content.
The creator, Ethan Czahor, made headlines in early January 2015 when he resigned from his CEO position 48 hours after getting the job. This was because of a series of offensive tweets that had surfaced from years ago where he had referred to women as “sluts”. Czahor said the tweets were “harmless jokes which were relics of his time with an improv comedy group and were taken out of context”.

At the moment the app is in beta testing, but you can request to join by visiting their website. In the meantime, Facebook offers an “On This Day” to see the posts you made in previous years on the same day. “Timehop” is a third party app which also searches your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles to remind you of posts you made on the same day in previous years.

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