Have You Fully Read Facebook Messenger T&Cs?

 When downloading the Facebook Messenger app, did you read the terms and conditions? Most of you will answer no but maybe should have. When Facebook made is mandatory to download a separate app to use their messaging service a lot of people weren’t happy, but you will not be best pleased with what this separate app can do.

It turns out by accepting the app you are letting Facebook do a wide variety of tasks without asking for your permission, for example:

·        Calling phone numbers without your intervention and sending text messages;
·        Recording audio with the microphone, and taking photos and videos with the camera, without your confirmation;
·        Reading your phone’s call log.
·        Can read your phone’s personal data and send it to someone else and use other information for totally different apps!

This isn’t the first time Facebook has been in the news about a privacy-related issue. In July the information commission in the UK started an investigation on Facebook, this a psychological experiment that affected 700,000 Facebook user’s newsfeed. The study found that people who saw fewer positive words on Facebook were more like to write a negative status update, Facebook has said that personal information on specific accounts was not taken but has admitted that they communicated badly to users about the study.
When downloading an app you know you are giving up a little bit of privacy, this is usually for targeting adverts to you (which can keep apps free!) but this list of permissions is frightening. Facebook deny they are using any of the data to target users and keeps all information anonymous. You can protect yourself by deleting the app or you could change the security settings (which are not very straightforward).
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