Internet Rewards Kids For Doing Chores

Back when I was younger, I had to do chores to get the TV remote for an hour now a company called “Kudoso” has a next generation plan.

It is very easy to spend hours upon hours on the internet, and children and now become glued to the screen instead of going outside and playing. Parents could try taking the phones and computers away to give a downtime however a tantrum would be a likely response from the child. 
Alternatively parents could use it as a reward, that’s is where Kudoso would step in, the router and software manages the families internet usage and can control what your children can and can’t view.
The software lets you set a list of chores, each chore can be worth a certain amount of points. Once your child has completed the chore and you confirm it. You could also set websites to be more expensive than others, so 30 minutes on Facebook could be worth the same as an hour on YouTube.
It isn’t just chores that can get points, they have integrated an educational portal in to the software, so if the children do some academic work they can get some more points.
They are currently seeking $50,000 of crowdfunding through kickstarter, a pledge of $89 will give you the software, however it is only compatible with a tiny amount of routers, which were made this year, for $119 you will get the software and the router.

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