Smartwatch Doesn’t Let You Drink & Drive

TokyaFlash, a Japanese watch maker, has made a smartwatch that can tell if you are too drunk. The engineers being up have created a watch with an intoxicator sensor inside it, it will read the alcohol level when you blow in to it and judge if you can drive or not. All you have to do is blow in to the side of the watch, if the LCD turns red you’re over the limit.

“The display on the right of the screen shows 10 different levels of blood alcohol content. A green display showing 0.00 percent means you’re sober. A yellow display showing between 0.41 and 0.60 percent means you’re buzzing. A red display showing 0.61 percent or above means you’re drunk” said a company spokesperson.
In built rechargeable battery that can take up to 3 hours to charge and last for about a month on that charge, which is pretty impressive.
The gadget will be prices at £65.

Will we see this paired up with in built car computers so if you fail the car won’t start? It could potentially save millions of lives. 

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