How A Hashtag Saved A Life

Social media gets a lot of stick about how it does no good, but in some cases it can save lives.

On the way to work I was reading through online newspapers and saw a story about a young man called Josh. Josh is an eight year old boy who has survived cancer 4 times and no had a life-threatening adenoviral infection but was denied the potentially lifesaving experimental drug, so his parents started a simple hashtag #SaveJack little did they know the impact it would have.
The simple has tag ended up to be a massive social media campaign, it went viral, huge amounts of online traffic surrounded it, major American news broudcasters picked up the story. A few days later Chimerix, the drug company, announced the drug would be made available to Josh.

This shows how social media can be used, it can level a playing field between big corporations and help the little ordinary people get noticed.

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