Microsoft XP Dies

Launched in October 2001 Windows XP is still the second most popular operating system in use and sold approaching 500 million copies. As of today windows XP will no longer have support. 

However some major companies have paid a lot money to keep support for one year, a Microsoft spokesman said “We have made an agreement with the Crown Commercial Service to provide eligible UK public sector organisations with the ability to download security updates to Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003 for one year until April 8 2015.”

The NHS is quite pleased about the deal which is not surprising given that 85 percent of its 800,000 PCs are still running Microsoft’s obsolescent operating system.

Have Microsoft decided to do this because of the low market share of Windows 8?

Below is an info-graphic on the life of windows:

The End of Windows XP – An infographic by the team at Acuity Training

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