Feeling Hungry? Print Off A Burger

Why cook, when you could just use a 3D printer to make food? Well “The Foodini” could just be the answer to that, its manufacturer’s say the printer will use real fresh ingredients to make extravagant meals.

The printer will work by taking fresh ingredients, and then cook and blend them before extruding the outcome through a nozzle on to a plate. This doesn’t sound appetising, but by using nice and fresh ingredients it could save a lot of time and effort, and potentially taste quite nice! It could also be used to make more extravagant looking designs with food which are impossible to make by hand.
The prototype has already been made and now they are trying to raise $100,000 so production can start. Backers of this kickstarter can contribute $999 towards the project, which in turn will guarantee them their own Foodini when production starts $500 cheaper than expected retail price.

Will the future of food be simply ‘printing it’? At the moment it doesn’t sound particularly appetising but this is just the start, only time will tell if this is the future or not.a

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